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Special Effects

FLAME LIGHT - Realistic yet safe these effects are available in large or small sizes

RED CARPET - 26 feet of Red Carpet
 for that very special VIP feeling!

DRY ICE - The classic effect of walking through fog, which stays at a height of two feet.

HAZE MACHINE - A light haze to pick out lighting effects while not being a dense smoke.**

SNOW MACHINE - Christmas effect whenever you like!

SMOKE MACHINE - Usually for stage effects, a very dense smoke effect.

BUBBLE MACHINE - They speak for themselves 1,000sq bubbles at a touch of a button.

GOBOS - A custom made image with your personal name or company logo. Can be imaged around the room to your requirements. Can also be used as a static effect.

STAR CLOTH - To give you the star, glittzy look. In various sizes.

Some items listed on this page may require permission from certain venues. **For safety reasons can only be used outdoors or on a non-slip surface.